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Welcome to Art a la Sherry, a website for your enjoyment as you follow along with me on my journey through the world of art.  I will introduce my original art pieces to browse or purchase as well as provide informative links and announcements.  Your feedback is appreciated and you may contact me at


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July 8, 2014 Art a la Sherry is undergoing changes now that I have retired from corporate life and am enjoying a full time art career!  Stay tuned for new works of art and web site changes and as always I welcome your feedback.


September 2, 2013 
I have cut prices of my paintings (some of the older paintings are a real deal!) as I am running out of storage space.  Click here to see my oil paintings and here to see my acrylics.  Continue to visit Art a la Sherry for continued savings on original paintings.

You may now order ArtalaSherry prints online!
  Just visit Fine Art America and choose the size and surface of your choice.  If you do not see the print that you want just contact me and I will make that one available too.  And as always, contact me at if you wish to purchase an original painting or photograph.  Thank you for your continued support of Art a la Sherry!

September 2, 2013
Introducing the latest Art a la Sherry creation, Driftwood Beach.  I hope to paint more of this awesome beach as the driftwood forest at Jekyll Island is so beautiful!  This original painting can be yours for $400.

I'm excited to report that Mr. Peacock won peoples choice award at the Spruill Art Gallery Exhibit July and August of 2013!  My painting was was chosen to be on display by Michael Rooks, the Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the High Museum of Art Atlanta.

Introducing Butterfly Pair!  My first attempt at painting butterflies and it was so enjoyable!  I began with a vibrant blue purple wash and painted the background sap green.  The butterflies and flowers are various shades of yellow, red, and orange.


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